Swmbo Fiction!

My small body of fanfiction - most of it written for livejournal fanfic challenges or in a fit of silliness.

Heartbeats :

Rating: PG-15, some violence

My first finished piece, written for the Angel Book of Days Fall challenge. The requests were Darla, Halloween. Takes place during seasons 2-4 of Angel. Around 3000 words

How Our Tryst Unfolds :

Rating: G

Written for the livejournal Back in the Day challenge - a ficathon designed to produce fiction set during the first seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel - with some twists. Around 2000 words. The challenge I wrote was: Buffy, Drusilla, set during the episode "I Only Have Eyes for You" in a timeline where Dawn existed and containing a cameo by the Mayor showing his reaction.

We at Wolfram & Hart :

This takes place in Angel Season 5, after Home. Some spoilers for Angel 5x01, except that that episode didn't actually happen. My own reaction to the first episode of Season 5 of Angel, written immediately afterwards. In theory it was supposed to be the first in a series, for now it's just a one-off.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town :

Rating: PG (violence and strong language!) - gen fic
Challenge requirements: Switzerland, Christmas, no pairing
Challenge restrictions: no death fic, no underage sex
Beta - green

A last-minute backup fic, drawing on memories of Anya's speech in The Body, takes place during the December after "Chosen" - post-Season 7 Buffy.

Beggars Will Ride :

Livejournal Darla Ficathon Challenge - What they requested: AU: Darla joins the party in Sunnydale in BtVS S2. The town gets more dangerous, and the sexual relationships between the vampires get even more tangled. (That's a fair bit of latitude in terms of pairings, but I'd Darla to at least have sexual tension with Spike or Dru in addition to/instead of Angelus.)

Goes AU during What's My Line I & II. There's actually a lot of backstory in my head on what happens, but it's not important to the actual story!

Within Bounds :

Livejournal Connorcest Ficathon challenge - What they requested: Challenge: Wes/Connor, something dark and angasty set during the summer between Deep Down and Tomorrow.

Rating: NC-17, Connor/Wes, some overtones of Connor-everybody-but-Gunn-and-Lorne. Thanks to my gorgeous ros_fod for hosting this challenge.

Feeling Life :

Livejournal Flashficathon Reunion challenge - What they requested: Challenge: Buffy/Faith or Fred/Willow, no other restrictions.

Rating: Hard R, Buffy/Faith, post Chosen, written for the lovely and adorable onetwomany.

Sloshing the Angel!Puppet :

Livejournal Puppet!Angel challenge - What they requested: Challenge: Spike/Angel, getting drunk.

Rating: PG, PG-13ish, Spike/Angel, set shortly after Smile Time. Title blatantly stolen from Kita's Slashing the Angel website.